LiMF promotes research that contributes to the goals of LiMF with wide application towards lion management on small reserves. LiMF is also able to offer small research grants to support lion-related research. Past and current research projects supported by LiMF are highlighted here.

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LiMF publications

McEvoy OK, Miller SM, Beets W, Bodasing T, Borrego N, Burger A, Courtenay B, Ferreira S, Hanekom C, Hofmeyr M, Packer C, Robertson D, Stratford K, Slotow R, Parker DM2019. The use of contraceptive techniques in managed wild African lion (Panthera leo) populations to mimic open system cub recruitment. Wildl Res; 46(5): 398-408.

Miller SM, Bissett C, Burger A, Courtenay B, Dickerson T, Druce DJ, et al. 2013. Management of reintroduced lions in small, fenced reserves in South Africa: An assessment and guidelines. S Afr J Wildl Res; 43: 138-54.

Further publications that may be of interest to LiMF members can be found on the Publications page.

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